More Than An Agency

At Digital Gorillas we go to work every day to do one thing for our clients – See them succeed.

As individuals, we have worked for or collaborated with all the Major Agencies across the land down under – and we’re not impressed.

Agencies don’t care about their clients, they don’t listen to their clients, all they know is what they should price them at.

Internal marketing teams don’t know how to succeed, increase sales, or end up too focused on their next annual leave.

CEO’s aren’t sure which channels and platforms are the most relevant to appear on, and where users are really spending their time (and money).

This means that at Digital Gorillas we’re not focused on how much we should charge you. We know how to make you succeed and we know what channels you should appear on.

We have learned that once you ACTUALLY start to care about your client’s success – both parties win and a lot of other things become irrelevant.

How did we get our name?

Many people have commented on our distinctive name – Digital Gorillas. How did we decide on it? Let’s break it down for you.

The word ‘digital’ is an obvious decision. The world that we operate in is one dominated by all things digital. This includes the way that marketing functions. No longer are we bound by the old mediums of advertising, but instead, we are challenged by the new platforms like social media and online promotions.

Not only are we aware of this, but we constantly strive to understand these new rules and practices so we can help you through this new and unknown terrain of marketing.

Why Gorillas? Like our namesake in the jungle, we have to compete with many other parties who each have their own unique set of skills and strengths. While we remain mindful of them and what they accomplish, more importantly, we understand our own capabilities and how to utilise them in our ever-changing environment.

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