Are you using Facebook Messenger in your Business?

Are you considering using Facebook Messenger in your Business? 

It’s 2017 now and there’s definitely many reasons why you should, let us list a few here:

Facebook have pushed a lot of money and resources into their messenger platform lately – With 1 Billion users on Messenger it makes sense.

Last year Facebook launched their new Facebook Messenger Platform that would enable communication between Business Pages and Messenger Users. The big amount of users in combination with people spending more and more time in Messenger, Facebook saw the opportunity to introduce chatbots in the Messenger Platform.

Should your business use Facebook Messenger?

There’s a lot of companies that still are very hesitant whether they want to use Facebook Messenger as one of their Customer Service Channels. This has resulted in the fact that not many companies use chat bots – yet.

When it comes to anything within digital nowadays you have to be offering services where your audience is. If your audience is the most comfortable and find it easy to use Facebook Messenger – then you have to offer it.

It’s also important to stay ahead of the trend, even though your users might not be familiar with it now – it’s very likely that they will be in the near future. Therefore you need to set up your chatbot now, so it has time to adjust itself and collect data.

Okey so I should probably set up Messenger for my business, but for what reason?

The most natural way of using Facebook Messenger for your business would be the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Awareness
  • Lead Acquisition/sales 

Customer Service needs no further explanation, most Customer Service tasks are already being used in private communication channels as email and phone calls. Messenger just adds another layer of convenience for your clients/customers.

Awareness is where a chatbot would come in place perfectly. Have a look at Elly The Emu which was created by Outback Australia to give awareness to their tours and an excellent way to drive interest and answer Customer Service questions at the same time.

Lead Acquisition is where the potential is, in a not so distant future Facebook WILL introduce payments within Messenger to Australia. Without any further explanation, you will have to have your chatbot and Facebook Messenger strategy in place by then in order to not miss out on this enormous sales channel.

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