Digital Advertising is an industry where scale gives extra advantages, and it is, of course, an advantage for the agencies and a disadvantage to any in-house investment. These are in our experience the most common reasons as to why your in-house investment won’t work (in the long-term).

Let us explain, there are two main components when it comes to Digital Marketing:

  1. Knowing what to do
  2. Execute what to do

Almost every company has a sound understanding of number 1, they know how much they will spend, they know their target audience and they even know what ROI they would be aiming towards.

It never works (long-term)

Almost all in-house investments fail on the following two items – you either hire a Senior Digital Marketing Manager that really know’s it’s Digital Marketing or you hire someone who would best be described as a “doer” or a little bit considered Junior.

The problem with the Senior person is that you’re paying him a decent amount of salary but you still need someone else to execute the plans he comes up with. In our experience, very few Senior Digital Marketing Managers will stay in a role for a long time where he/she will be required to do too much of the “junior” tasks. The problem with hiring a Junior Digital Marketing Manager is that he/she won’t be getting the results which you are capable of getting and ultimately you’re losing out on money which you would’ve got with a better person in charge.