How do you make successful campaigns for mobile devices?

Everyone knows by now that the mobile traffic is constantly increasing to websites all over the web.

This includes B2B as well lately but how can we use this increase to our advantage?

Digital Gorillas has put a lot of effort into this and we have seen clear results when some factors have been put together.

This is what’s necessary to achieve a successful mobile campaign:

  • Adapt the ads to mobile devices. You don’t want to see ads that are cut in the middle of the sentence just because they work on desktop version.
  • Show clearly before someone clicks that the user will be able to convert via their mobile phone.
  • The landing page needs to get straight to the point. The user should quickly be able to make their decision and it has to be easy to convert. It can not be too much information either – if the user want’s to find out more and you have intrigued them enough they will find the information they need anyway.
  • The user shouldn’t have to fill their card details while making a purchase from mobile. A common theme with mobile purchase is that people tend to back out with the purchase if they need to manually fill in their credit card details. Maybe they are on the train on their way to work, maybe they are in a rush. If that’s the case you’d rather wait until you are in front of a desktop computer and when that happens the user who were just very inclined to purchase from you get’s his thoughts elsewhere and the purchase is off.


Your business needs to get their mobile strategy optimised!

There’s a lot of companies that are either too lazy or too slow to change their mobile strategy that they end up seeing their customers taking their business elsewhere.



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