Did you know? Australia is one of the leading global adapters of smartphone use in the world – 88% of all Australians now own a smartphone.

I don’t need to explain further that mobile traffic is increasing day by day, week by week and month by month. So, how can we take advantage of this, how do we make sure that people buy your products via their smartphones?

Digital Gorillas has put a lot of effort into this, and we have seen distinct results when certain factors have been put together.

Here is one of the client we worked with:

The mindset from both the internal C suite of the company and the previous agency that took care of the clients advertising was mobile traffic isn’t something to put too much effort behind since “Most of our customers buy via their computer”, we decided to go the exact other direction.

The results speak for themselves!

Only 7 % of the total budget spent was on Mobile, but 24,5% (!) of total transactions came from these ads. The traffic from mobile can still be relatively cheap compared to desktop traffic, if you do it correctly you can get quality traffic for fewer dollars spent.


Before we took over their Search account their Mobile bid adjustments were minus (!) 80% compared to desktop traffic. Can you guess if that’s changed now?


What you need in order to improve your Conversion Rate on Mobile:

  • Adjust your ads to mobile. You don’t want to see ads that are broken mid-sentence just because someone wrote the ad for a desktop.
  • Show before someone click the ads that you will be able to convert easily via your mobile.
  • The landing page has to be very direct, the visitor should be able to make their decision quickly. You can’t have too much information. If they really want to know more they will find it no matter if you show it or not.
  • They should not have to fill their account details. A common theme when it comes to mobile transactions is that people might be hesitant to buy via their credit card. Maybe they’re in the train on their way to work, then they rather wait until they are in a more stable environment. The customer that was very likely to convert got distracted and now your
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